The Most Advanced Liposuction Technology Available Today

With Advanced Liposuction, Is It The Surgeon Or The Machine!

All liposuction equipment is fairly expensive, and each system takes time to master – some more than others. For example, a surgeon who uses their preferred technology like laser has invested considerable time and resources specializing and may not want to master another liposuction technology. But is the switch from laser (heat based) to VASER high definition (ultrasound), which takes takes extensive time and practice, worth it? After all, it’s the surgeon that matters, not the machine, right? Yes and no.

Let’s take two talented surgeons doing advanced liposuction. Laser liposuction surgeons will suggest their process is as good in their hands as any other. There is no question that excellent results can be expected in the hands of an excellent surgeon using laser lipo. Take an equally talented VASER liposuction surgeon. Which advanced liposuction method gives the surgeon AND the patient the edge in production superior results?

Advanced Liposuction – Laser vs. VASER

Laser liposuction is performed in place of other treatments such as Coolsculpting® which is non-surgical and best used for limited results with abdominal fat. Laser liposuction is more comprehensive and practitioners note it to be less invasive than traditional lipo methods, causing minimal pain and bruising. In addition, patients can expect to lose additional fat after laser lipo via their lymphatic system. Surgeons are able to be more precise than they could with older methods. These benefits are advancements from traditional liposuction. But is laser liposuction (Smartlipo) the most advanced liposuction available today?

Smartlipo uses radiofrequency energy (laser) to breakdown fat cells, while VASER uses ultrasonic energy to break up fatty deposits. Both advanced liposuction techniques may effectively reduce localized areas of excess body fat. There are pros and cons to both procedures but we think that the clear winner for patients is VASER hi def lipo.

The most significant advantages of VASER over Laser are several:

  • More fat can be extracted than with any other method of liposuction
  • It is the only advanced liposuction that accesses both layers of fat, subcutaneous and surface allowing an experienced surgeon to do true muscle etching
  • It is by far the gentlest technology. VASER liposuction is known to cause far less nerve and tissue damage than laser liposuction. That means less pain and less bruising
  • Recovery is easier and faster
  • The greatest amount of health fat can be harvested for transfer to the buttocks, breasts, face, even the hands
  • Using proper harvesting protocols, VASER has the highest percentage of fat that is likely to establish a new blood supply when transplanted. That means more fat stays were it’s placed
  • VASER is best suited to comprehensive, one-time procedures like 360 lipo. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, VASER delivers “jaw-dropping” results

The advantage of laser liposuction over traditional tumescent liposuction and VASER:

  • Patients don’t require general anesthesia. VASER usually requires general anesthesia because it is more comprehensive.
  • Patients undergoing laser liposuction get far better results than those with tumescent lipo and some artistic contouring is possible

Risks With Both Types of Liposuction

However, liposuction does carry certain risks, including bleeding, infection, and injury to nerves or blood vessels (more with laser).
Contour irregularities are possible but mainly due to:

  • Poor execution by the surgeon
  • Excess skin not address or poor skin elasticity
  • Patient does not comply with aftercare instructions for compression garments or necessary lymphatic drainage massages

Don’t Buy The Hype – Have The Best Of Both

Yes, the right surgeon is a crucial factor in the results you can expect with advanced liposuction. But what happens when you combine a skilled surgeon with the best technology available today? You get high-definition liposuction that is impossible with laser, smart lipo, traditional liposuction or virtually any other.

In addition, the procedure removes fat cells permanently. Why not remove the most? Nothing else takes away those fat cells forever!
However, patients must be careful to follow a healthy routine to maintain their results. Remaining fat cells will still get larger if you gain weight. Patients that take liposuction results for granted and gain weight can attest that their liposuctioned areas are still ok but other part of their body get disproportionately large.

The most expensive liposuction is a surgery is the one that has to be done a second time because the prior surgeon botched it. Get it done right the first time. Meet with Dr. Ahmed. Discuss advanced liposuction possibilities, your wants and needs with him and discuss your options. Learn what is possible for you.