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The Classic Hourglass Figure

The Classic Hourglass Figure

Many women want a curvy, classic hourglass figure.

The hourglass figure has been around since ancient times and still holds sway today. Although this type of body shape is associated with women who are curvy and whose breasts are larger than their waists, the hourglass shape is defined primarily by a woman's body measurements; the circumference of the bust, waist, and hips - rather than by her height. This body shape is ideal because it accentuates curves while minimizing flaws.

So what is an hourglass figure? Hourglass body shapes have a more generous bust, a narrower waist, and rounder hips with a similar measurement to that of the bust.

While some women acquire this body shape naturally, others could require cosmetic surgery. Creating rounder hips, a narrow waist, and a more generous chest size may be necessary for some situations to obtain the optimum proportions.

In this article, we discuss cosmetic treatments that can be coupled to provide women who aspire to have an hourglass figure with this "ideal" body form. You have only to look at hourglass figure celebrities like JLo and Kim Kardashian to know how popular this shape has become.

Among the main objectives of body sculpting for women is achieving the hourglass figure. It's vital to remember that adding curves to the hips, butt, and, occasionally, the breasts help accomplish the hourglass figure's reduced waist in addition to eliminating fat and trimming the waist. A thin waist, larger breasts, and rounded hips characterize the hourglass body.

Now, let's look at how to get an hourglass figure.

Hourglass figure

Step #1 - Narrowing The Waist

The key to achieving this goal is to eliminate the extra fat from the problem areas. If you want to slim down your midsection, you need to address the issue at its source. You may already know that you have too much fat around your middle. We first conduct a complete examination to evaluate our patient's shape, proportions, and curves and rank their figure on The Body Scale, developed by master surgeon Dr. Mowlavi from Laguna Beach, CA.

From there, we'll determine which body parts need liposuction and what other portions of the body need to be treated to achieve the best outcome. Liposuction is also used to remove pockets of fat from the waist as well as the thighs, knees, calves, ankles, and feet. These areas are often referred to as "love handles" because they tend to bulge outward when people stand up.

In addition, a full or mini tummy tuck may be necessary to get the best results from an hourglass surgery.

The Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also referred to as an abdominoplasty, is mainly done to remove excess skin, making the stomach appear flatter. Many women who have gained weight or had children will have weakened abdominal muscles and skin that is stretched out. A full tummy tuck is effective because it reduces the circumference of the waistline and removes loose skin on the abdomen while also tightening and reshaping the underlying abdominal muscles, a typical aesthetic and therapeutic surgery operation. Although a tummy tuck makes the waist look thinner, when it is combined with liposuction, you can achieve maximum results.

Full Tummy Tuck. Better abdominal contouring and a smoother, flatter stomach are the outcomes of a comprehensive (full) tummy tuck. The extent of the necessary correction will determine how long the scar will be below the bikini line.

Mini Tummy Tuck. When the excess skin from the lower abdomen needs to be removed, but the abdominal muscles don't need to be strengthened or supported surgically, a mini tummy tuck may be performed. The scar is then located below the bikini line.

Reverse Tummy Tuck. This procedure is done if the upper abdomen is the primary area with excess skin. This is also done when a full tummy tuck has been done but, the patient accumulates abdominal fat which, settles above the navel. The incision is hidden beneath the mammary crease. Depending on how wide the incision has to be to give a smooth result, it may extend under the armpit area.

Bikini line reduction removes extra skin and tightens the skin around the bikini line.

In any event, the surgeon will make every attempt to conceal the incision while removing excess skin and fat to obtain a smaller waistline. Your surgeon is best able to tell you which of the tummy tuck procedures will enhance the hourglass figure you want to achieve.


Liposuction enhances a patient's body contour when performed using a 360-degree approach. Liposuction permanently removes extra fat cells, typically from the belly, hips, waist, back, and thighs. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art VASER liposuction to deliver superior high-definition results.

The VASER system is used to remove fat cells through tiny holes that have been somewhat liquified by sound waves. The laser energy then seals those small holes to prevent fluid loss during the procedure. This procedure allows the fat cells to be extracted without causing damage to surrounding tissue. Our surgeons use the VASER system to perform liposuction safely and effectively.

VASER high-definition liposuction has many benefits that no other technology can match, including:

  • VASER lipo is the best technology for harvesting healthy fat for transplant from undesirable areas to sculpted areas.
  • It causes minimal trauma, which lessens bruising and pain
  • Fat can be suctioned from two layers, subcutaneous and near the surface unlike all other methods
  • Up to 30-40% more fat can be removed than any other form of liposuction

It's imperative to suction away all extra belly, love handles, and lower back fat to reduce waist size. A skilled surgeon will sculpt the proportions so that your waist flows into the hip and buttock region to get the desired hourglass form.

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction in Combination

Each of these procedures alone can enhance a patient's physical appearance. For many patients, the individual treatments do not produce the ideal hourglass figure as effectively as they do when combined.

Lipoabdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that combines a tummy tuck and liposuction on the abdomen. Most individuals who choose this procedure have excess skin and unwanted fat in their abdominal area, and this combination procedure is an effective way to achieve a smaller waistline overall.

Although a tummy tuck can flatten the patient's stomach, it alone cannot create an hourglass figure. Most patients require fat transfer and focused 360 liposuction to achieve this classic shape.

Why fat transfer? As a sculptor adds clay to form proportioned anatomy, so can a surgeon add your fat to fill in curves like “hip dips”, round out your hips or add a little breast volume.

An hourglass tummy tuck is a procedure that combines a tummy tuck, targeted liposuction, and fat transfer. It gives patients access to all three procedures' advantages.

A Word About Abdominal Etching

Think about asking your surgeon about abdominal etching, given the fashionable fit look of today. Your surgeon can accentuate the ab muscles' natural contours with VASER liposuction. For women, this entails being able to flaunt a four-pack and a seductive appearance. Men should consider having their abs etched if they want the six-pack that normally takes years to achieve in the gym.

Step #2 - Adding Curves

As previously noted, the hourglass figure is obtained by adding curves to the hips, butt, and even the breasts and removing fat from the waistline.

Let's start by looking at procedures to improve the hips and butt.

The BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

The Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL, is a cosmetic operation in which we use the fat extracted via VASER liposuction to shape your butt and give hips the curves you want below the waist. In addition, if you are genetically predisposed to noticeable "hip dips," fat transfer can fill in those pockets and give the continuous curve that is so enviable.

You will discuss your body type, desired figure, and the size and contour of your buttocks with one of our doctors. A BBL is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. It has to fit your body. Visit our BBL page here.

Possible Breast Enhancement Surgery

You may decide to have breast augmentation to achieve your ideal form, depending on your figure goals. Think about fat transfer if you want to enlarge your breasts no more than a cup size. Natural breast augmentation with fat can enhance breast volume by up to a cup, but implants are required if you want a more noticeable increase.

If achieving the ideal bust-to-hip ratio is the goal of your hourglass figure surgery, you should discuss breast size with your surgeon before deciding on your surgical plan. Sometimes a proportionate increase in bust size can look very natural.

Are You Ready To Create Your Full Hourglass Figure?

Speaking openly with your surgeon about your objectives, ideal outcomes, and body type is essential for any cosmetic treatment to be a success. Understand what your expectations are so that you can explain your goals to your doctor will give you the results you envision.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Ahmed to discuss your dream body, call or message our office today.

Enjoy our blog What You Need To Know About How To Get An Hourglass Figure!

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